Crafting Cannabis

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    Our Craft

    Crafting “connoisseur” cannabis products and flower is an art requiring special skills, careful attention to detail, acute awareness and a highly evolved and experienced workforce.  Crafting means we do as much as possible by hand, all the while maintaining an obsessive devotion to quality, purity and cleanliness.

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    Our Genetics

    We understand that a solid, extensive genetic foundation and exemplary breeding program builds consumer trust, brand loyalty and distinction in the marketplace.  We have always depended upon stable, proven strain genetics to ensure “top shelf” results, and we are dedicated to the proposition that our best work is under development.

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    Our Trim

    We believe in using our hands to do our work. You will not find a trimming machine at Yerba Buena. The superior quality flower that we produce is meticulously manicured by eye and hand, followed by a careful and slow cure. While it takes more time and money, we know the results speak – and smoke – for themselves.

Yerba Buena is an energetic, imaginative group of highly skilled and extraordinarily experienced horticulturists intent on setting and maintaining consummate performance and quality standards that earn the loyalty and ongoing business of our clients, consumers and the industry.

Yerba Buena Clean Green Certified Cannabis


High Standards

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    Quality Control is present in all facets of our cultivation process because we believe that quality is of utmost importance.  Our insistence upon excellence ensures a final product that is superior in every respect. The pursuit of quality runs deeply through the Yerba Buena culture.

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    By meticulously creating and combining the finest soils, clean filtered water and earth-friendly nutrients, Yerba Buena leaves very little to chance.


    With every facet of our cultivation controlled and monitored by our proprietary grow systems, our staff is freed up to spend most of their time working amongst the plants.

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    We understand and embrace our role as a leader, educator, grower, healer, and ambassador for the responsible use of cannabis.


    We firmly believe that as the “Good Herb” continues to come into the mainstream, those of us who act with integrity, compassion and honesty will earn widespread respect for a job well done.


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