Grower Tips

Pruning your Flowering Plants

Pruning during the flowering cycle happens in three major phases.

1. The first phase of pruning happens 7-10 days after transplant. The purpose of this pruning is to remove lower branching and inter-plant growth, promoting energy to the upper region of the plant as well as providing more air flow through the canopy.

2. The second phase of pruning is to remove some of the major sized fan leaves that might be blocking smaller flower sites from the light.

3. The third phase of pruning during the flowering happens shortly after peak week (day 40-56 depending on length of harvest cycle). Remove as many fan leaves as possible. Removing the fan leaves forces the plant to rely on the root system for nutrient uptake and distribution of needed nutrients to the flowers not the foliage.

Beneficial Bacteria

One of the most common misconceptions about growing plants is that growers are feeding the plants directly. That’s not quite how it works in the soil kingdom. What we actually do is support beneficial bacteria and microbes that, in turn, feed the plant.READ MORE

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