The Yerba Buena farm is located on 29 acres of lush, fertile land tucked into a serene valley at the base of Oregon’s coastal range. It is in this idyllic place that we find so much to be grateful for.

We believe that farming comes with responsibility. It means being good to oneself, to one another, and to the earth. We believe in sustainable growing methods, earth friendly practices, and participating in the community that surrounds us.

We enjoy growing and producing cannabis products that are predictable, dependable and safe. In this way, we bring balance, enjoyment and healing to the lives of those who choose the “Good Herb”.

The Yerba Buena Family

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    “To keep and care for it, you got to water it…
    ‘Cause something special’s growing in my garden”

    -Levy Barrington

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    “The cannabis industry is poised to redefine positive business practices. It is up to each of us to lead by example with integrity and compassion in order to bring this powerful plant back to the people.  I’m proud to be a part of a company that promotes these values.”

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    “I enjoy watching plants grow from seedlings to robust flowering medicine trees alongside a stellar team. Yerba Buena is the best company I’ve ever worked for and I love my job!”

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    “Cannabis has the ability to heal and bring people together. The opportunity to participate in an emerging industry alongside an exceptional and diverse team is what Yerba Buena means to me.”

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    “Yerba Buena is doing much to push the big wheel forward in the cannabis movement, setting standards across the board in this industry from cultivation to sustainability to compliance and beyond.  I am both proud and honored to be part of the Yerba Buena family.”

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    “I was drawn to Yerba Buena because it is a state-of-the-art farm in a new, blossoming industry. Everyone at Yerba Buena is amazing! I think we possibly could be pushing Google out of the running for top workplace environment.”

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    “It’s an honor to work beside a team with this level of talent and integrity, leading the way in a burgeoning industry that is offering so much to so many. I truly feel that I have found my place, where I can be myself and employ my skills to lift others up.“

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    “I was originally hired as a contractor to help with the initial build of the farm and I enjoyed working with the YB team so much and believed so whole-heartedly in their mission that I knew I wanted to participate in all the great things this company would undoubtedly do.”

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    “I finally found my dream job!”

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    “Yerba Buena has an opportunity to reintroduce to the world a new cannabis culture of positivity and harmony that actively supports community.”

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    “Love is the flower, you’ve got to let it grow.”

    -John Lennon

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    “Yerba Buena is just that – good herb, produced by an even better team. We are seeking to push the frontier of adult-use cannabis forward, not only by growing top-quality flowers, but with our innovative approach and commitment to integrity.”

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    “Yerba Buena means growing, connecting, sharing, trusting, organizing, empowering and working for social justice.”

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    “No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”
    -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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    “There is a quiet contentedness and peace found in working with plants. At Yerba Buena, we seek that peace within ourselves, our environment, and the plants we grow. Each flower is a blessing.”

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    “There’s nothing better than working with an awesome group of people who care for each other and this plant, and that’s exactly what we have here.“

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    “Yerba Buena just feels right. Here, I get a feeling of belonging, freedom and wonder.”

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    “The people, the plant and the mission of Yerba Buena not only provides me with a creative outlet, but also fills my heart full of love. And the more full the heart, the greater it can overflow into the hearts of others.”

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    “Working with cannabis has truly opened up the most epic chapter in my life and it’s teaching me incredible things. One lesson is the importance of being still. The only things you can control is what is happening right now. Being present slows life down so that you can enjoy the journey.”

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    “Cannabis has been part of my life since I was a teen. As the years have passed, my love and knowledge for this plant has only grown stronger. I hope one day everyone can see the true beauty of cannabis as much as we do here at Yerba Buena. Y que siga la fumadera asta el fin del mundo.”

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    “The inclusive diversity within the cannabis community has always been special to me. Working with a team that puts integrity and quality above all else has made this an endearing opportunity.”

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    “Yerba Buena is family to me in every sense. We are building something together and we care about our work nearly as much as we do about each other. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this industry and Yerba Buena is the cream of the crop.”

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