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Yerba Buena Farms

Setting Standards and Growing the Future

September 2016

Yerba Buena, a state-of-the-art cannabis producer, is one of those initial 8 applicants who received their license today. Laura Rivero, director of operations for Yerba Buena, explained that their team is committed to sustainability, quality, social responsibility, and compliance.
Casey Rivero, Yerba Buena’s Director of Cultivation, explained, “We have built our company on a foundation of innovation and integrity. By innovating, we produce more sustainable results and through integrity we set higher standards. We are very proud of what we do and hope to inspire others to push the industry forward.”


Road Trip Portland

Healing Communities

June 2016

Laura Rivero is a newbie to Portland from Flagstaff, Arizona. After running cultivation for one of Arizona’s top dispensaries, she and her partner were offered positions at Yerba Buena in Hillsboro, a region known for its vineyards.
Yerba Buena operates a 15,000-square-foot greenhouse, licensed with the state for recreation.
“Hillsboro is a really nice area and the farm is beautiful,” Rivero shares. “We’ve been through a few medicinal runs and are just starting up with a recreational license to get ready to go into flower.”


Marijuana Venture

Leadership at La Mota

December 2016

“Yerba Buena is poised for rapid growth as Oregon’s recreational cannabis system begins to take shape this fall,” says Laura Rivero, the company’s operations manager. And also like La Mota, Yerba Buena is on a mission to make women leaders in the cannabis industry.
“Growers in particular have historically been predominantly male,” Rivero says. “But women have an innate nurturing tendency, so it makes perfect sense that women will go to great lengths to cultivate plants mindfully and with the utmost attention to detail.”
Since landing one of the first eight cultivation licenses in the state, Yerba Buena has already staked its claim to several other firsts in the early days of Oregon’s recreational cannabis industry, including the first business-to-business transaction within Metrc (the state’s seed-to-sale tracking program) and the first harvest of a recreational cannabis crop in Oregon.
Rivero ties much of the company’s success to its diverse staff led by intrepid women, and she praises La Mota for hiring so many.
“I think that women have every chance of showing what they are capable of in this industry and commanding a level of respect and equality that isn’t as attainable in other industries that have been held back by antiquated belief systems,” Rivero says.



Oregon’s Original 8

August 2016

The Washington County-based farm has been operating under the medical market for the past two years. Yerba Buena already employs more than 20 Oregonians and hopes to double that number by next year.
“We are in full production in our cultivation facility and hope to open a dispensary in the near future,” Yerba Buena spokeswoman Laura Rivero says. “Our product will be available in recreationally-licensed dispensaries as soon as they are licensed.”
The company hopes to further differentiate its product by being Clean Green Certified, a nationally recognized independent standard of organic-based growing methods, carbon footprint and labor practices.

MG Retailer

A Day in the Life at Oregon’s Yerba Buena Farms

November 2016

At Yerba Buena Farms, we believe that plants feel the energy of the people around them. Yerba Buena strives to provide a positive, nurturing environment for its people as well as its plants. The two go hand in hand, and the responsibility to set standards for this emerging industry (and beyond) is taken very seriously. We hire talented people who possess integrity and go above and beyond to ensure that the plants are treated with respect for the entirety of their lives, and that the end product is infused with love. We feel that the end user can tell the difference, not only because of the superior quality of the buds, but also on a deeper level.

Northwest Leaf

Reviews: Tangie Banana Surprise Shatter & God Opal

January 2017

“The oil has a beautiful orange amber sheen, suggesting it was processed from fresh, terpene-rich material. Dabbing this at a low temperature unleashes an explosion of citrus flavor that coats the mouth after just one dab.”

The Weed Blog

What are Terpenes in Cannabis?

December 2016

As more states pass legislation about cannabis, the more we are beginning to hear about terpenes and the profound effect they can have on us as cannabis consumers.



Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis Sales: Transition in Oregon

November 2016
Many cannabis industry professionals are a little frazzled by the transition and recent rules rolling out as part of Measure 91.While the cannabis consumer has yet to be hit by many of theses changes, that will all change come the start of 2017. Yerba Buena Farms was one of the first 8 recreationally licensed cannabis companies in the state of Oregon, and has been navigating the roll out of basically all the recreational cannabis rules that have been written during the implementation of Measure 91 since the process began.



Sustainability Panel for Cannabis Businesses to be Held in Portland this Week!

August 2016
Attend the Women Grow Portland Chapter event this week! For this month’s networking event, Women Grow’s Portland chapter is very proud to announce a panel about environmental impact and sustainability in cannabis companies.

Love and MariJ

Why We Should All Treat Ourselves to Cannabis Baths

October 2016
“Cannabis baths cover more surface area and can offer more bodily relief and relaxation overall. CB-2 receptors are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis, so baths can aid with complexion and relieve skin irritations.”


First Licenses Issued to Recreational Marijuana Growers

April 2016

“I honestly don’t have the words to describe how excited I am, it’s more like relieved. We’ve been working really hard for the past year at this process and to see it actually come into fruition is really nice,” said Casey Rivero, chief cultivator for Yerba Buena.

“The sky is the limit. We’re going to use our tier two license to its fullest here and we’re excited to see where the road leads us and excited for all the possibilities,” said chief of operations Laura Rivero.


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