Pruning Your Vegetative Cannabis Plants

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There are two main reasons for pruning your vegetative cannabis plants:

1) To control the vertical or horizontal growth of your plants.

2) To promote additional node (branch) sites, which allows for more flower sites.

The point where a branch joins the meristem is considered the node. It is at the node and just above the leaf’s stem (petiole) where the flower will start forming. Controlling the vertical and horizontal growth of a plant as well as quantity of flower sites is especially important for indoor growers with limited space.

Remember, not all genetics are created equal and not all strains will produce the same results when pruning. Indicas tend to grow with more branching and minimal vertical growth (shorter node spacing). Sativas tend to grow taller with less branching and a longer distance between nodes. Everything comes down to the genetic influence in your strain. Using this to your advantage is extremely important when deciding how to prune your plant.


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