Yerba Buena Cannabis Farm, Oregon

Meet the Yerba Buena Team

Our people are the backbone of our company, our most valuable asset, and the reason we produce award-winning products! We are proud to call these talented, dedicated and passionate people YerbaFarmians.
Yerba Buena Cannabis, Portland Oregon


“Let us work with love and without fear of our faults, those inevitable and habitual companions of the great qualities.”

-James Ensor


“Cannabis has been part of my life since I was a teen. As the years have passed, my love and knowledge for this plant has only grown stronger. I hope one day everyone can see the true beauty of cannabis as much as we do here at Yerba Buena. Y que siga la fumadera asta el fin del mundo.”


“There’s nothing better than working with an awesome group of people who care for each other and this plant, and that’s exactly what we have here.”


“Yerba Buena just feels right. Here, I get a feeling of belonging, freedom and wonder.”


“Yerba Buena has an opportunity to reintroduce to the world a new cannabis culture of positivity and harmony that actively supports community.”


“I was drawn to Yerba Buena because it is a state-of-the-art farm in a new, blossoming industry. Everyone at Yerba Buena is amazing! I think we possibly could be pushing Google out of the running for top workplace environment.”


“I was originally hired as a contractor to help with the initial build of the farm and I enjoyed working with the YB team so much and believed so whole-heartedly in their mission that I knew I wanted to participate in all the great things this company would undoubtedly do.”


“Yerba Buena not only cultivates prime cannabis, but a company culture that is inclusive, transparent, and dedicated to making a positive impact on the industry. I am proud to say I work for Yerba Buena.”


“It’s an honor to work beside a team with this level of talent and integrity, leading the way in a burgeoning industry that is offering so much to so many. I truly feel that I have found my place, where I can be myself and employ my skills to lift others up.”


“Cannabis has opened my life to so many enriching experiences and helped so many of my loved ones and family. To find both Love and Family here at the Yerba Buena Farm is an uplifting experience daily. I feel so blessed to be amongst the many Yerbafarmians and with every breath of pure Fuego, it’s such a Joy to know what it is to “BE Buena.”

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